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Pole Sheds/Barns Construction

Pole sheds/barns are an age-old construction method to quickly erect durable and dependable structures. In the design of pole barns, vertical posts play a central role as framing members, strategically embedded several feet into the ground. These posts serve as the foundation's linchpin, a notably more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to the groundwork required for other construction techniques.

We build a range of Pole sheds and barns including fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, or open designs. These adaptable constructions are primarily employed for a diverse array of agricultural activities within rural zones.

Whether your specific requirements call for a spacious workshop, a robust farm shelter, an expansive industrial building, or even a functional hangar, our sheds and barns are impeccably designed to fulfil your every need.

Pole Sheds

Pole Shed Building Services

We offer a comprehensive solution for constructing versatile and reliable pole sheds. We start by evaluating your site and consider factors like soil quality, drainage, and desired shed dimensions. We make sure that the vertical posts (crucial to the pole shed's stability) are properly positioned and anchored into the ground.


Once posts are properly positioned, we then frame the structure to ensure durability and longevity. Next, roofing materials, insulation, ventilation, and siding are carefully chosen and installed to meet the specific needs of the shed's intended purpose - whether it's for agricultural storage, a workshop, or machinery shelter.

Throughout the construction process, we prioritise structural integrity and functionality while adhering to industry standards and local building codes.

­If you’ve been considering building a pole shed building, contact us today. If you live in a region where it snows heavily, let us know so we can identify an appropriate snow load for your barn.

Open Span Construction of Pole Barns

We employ open span design in pole barns to offer unmatched flexibility and spaciousness to accommodate large-scale storage needs and agricultural operations. This design eliminates the need for interior columns, allowing for an unobstructed, vast interior space, especially in farm sheds NZ. The absence of interior supports not only maximises the usable space but also provides freedom in arranging equipment, livestock, or merchandise without the hindrance of columns.

Advantages Of Pole Barns

Pole barns and sheds offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for various applications. They are particularly well-suited for agricultural and rural settings, offering efficient storage and shelter solutions for farms, ranches, and other rural properties.

They are more cost-effective to build than traditional framed structures because the post-frame construction method reduces the need for extensive foundation work, resulting in lower labour and material costs.

  • Quick Construction - Pole barns can be constructed relatively quickly compared to other building methods, making them an efficient choice for those in need of a speedy solution.
  • Versatility - These structures are highly adaptable and can serve a wide range of purposes, including agricultural storage, livestock housing, workshops, garages, and more.
  • Open Interior Space - Pole barns offer clear-span interiors, meaning there are no support columns or walls obstructing the usable space. This feature provides flexibility in how the interior is utilised.
  • Durability - Properly constructed pole barns are sturdy and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Treated wood posts and quality materials contribute to their long lifespan.
  • Energy Efficiency - With the option to insulate and ventilate, pole barns can be made energy-efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs for conditioned spaces.
  • Cost-Effective Expansion - If you need to expand your pole barn in the future, it can be relatively easy and cost-effective to add on to the existing structure.
  • Natural Lighting - Pole barns can incorporate features like large windows or skylights to provide natural lighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.
  • Customisation - Pole barns can be customised in terms of size, layout, and features to meet the specific needs and preferences of the owner. We also provide kitset sheds for quick construction.
  • Minimal Maintenance - With proper maintenance, pole barns require minimal upkeep, making them a practical choice for busy property owners.

Contact Us For Post-Frame Construction

Need a pole shed for your farming, agricultural or other industrial needs? Let us erect a pole shed with open span construction and quality craftsmanship. Our experienced team is eager to collaborate with you on your next project, whether it's a barn, workshop, garage, or any other structure you have in mind.

Contact us and let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a permit to construct a pole barn?

In most cases, yes. The majority of cities and municipalities mandate permits for the construction of permanent structures. However, some exceptions might apply for very small sheds or structures. Nevertheless, permit requirements can vary significantly from one city to another. We will apply at the local building council to get the building consent before erecting a pole barn on any site.

Can a pole barn serve purposes other than as a traditional barn?

Absolutely, yes! While post-frame structures are often associated with agricultural use, they are highly versatile and suitable for various other applications:

  • Garages - Pole barns are frequently used as garages. Their adaptable design allows for one-car garages or larger structures capable of housing RVs.
  • Workshops - For individuals requiring dedicated space for hobbies or large equipment, a pole barn makes an excellent workshop.
  • Horse Stables - Equestrians find pole barns ideal for stabling horses, especially during inclement weather.
  • Man Caves - Many opt to transform pole barns into personalised retreats, offering a quiet escape from daily life.

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