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Steel Sheds NZ

Looking to build a shed capable of enduring harsh weather conditions and having a lifespan of up to 50 years? A steel shed is the answer. We construct sturdy steel sheds NZ, in both open wall designs and enclosed structures, to meet your agricultural requirements.


At Sheds And Barns Ltd., we specialise in constructing steel structure sheds for various purposes, including steel structure farm sheds, chicken coops, industrial sheds, wintering sheds, and industrial storage sheds. Each shed is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Steel Sheds NZ

Steel Sheds Builders Canterbury

Steel has become an essential element in modern building design due to its durability, versatility, and ease of construction. We specialise in constructing high-strength steel structures suitable for various purposes such as storage for agricultural machinery or equipment, livestock, fertiliser, hay, harvested produce, or commercial inventory.


Our designs are flexible and easily adaptable to meet your specific building requirements. Each shed is meticulously planned for your site, taking into account the unique climate conditions of Canterbury.

As reliable steel shed builders in Canterbury, we offer kitset sheds that are not only easy to assemble but also significantly reduce construction time. Our process involves lifting and placing steel components into position, precisely connecting them together. Additionally, we handle the necessary paperwork, including applying for building consent on your behalf (if required) to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.


We Build Different Types Of Steel Structures

At Sheds And Barns, we specialise in constructing a variety of steel barns and sheds NZ tailored to meet diverse needs of our clients. From basic steel structures to erecting steel portal frame structures, and steel truss structures, we cater to the unique requirements of every project.

  • Basic Steel Frame Structure - The basic steel frame comprises versatile steel beams and columns that can create spaces of various sizes and layouts.
  • Steel Portal Frame Structure - Portal frames, also known as clear span structures, are commonly associated with aircraft hangars. These low-rise or single-story structures feature wide spans and open floors, making them perfect for warehouses, barns, and spaces where large, open areas are essential. They boast high resilience against lateral and vertical forces, thanks to rigid moment-resisting connections.
  • Steel Truss Structure - Truss structures consist of beams or rods with hinges at either end, forming plane or space trusses. Plane trusses create a two-dimensional framework, experiencing loads and reactions at the joints on the structure's plane. Space trusses form a three-dimensional framework, supporting loads on multiple planes. Truss structures are advantageous because they use upper and lower chords with webbing in between.

Characteristics Of Our Steel Sheds

In recent times, steel frame sheds have gained immense popularity due to the numerous benefits they offer. Steel frames are highly resistant to flexing and warping which ensures flawless finishes on the roof, ceilings, and walls. Compared to traditional construction methods, steel frames are lighter, more resilient, and cost-effective to assemble.

Our steel sheds possess several key characteristics that make them highly desirable among our clients.

Spacious Design

When it comes to storage buildings, effective space utilisation is crucial. Steel structures offer an advantage here due to their slender columns, occupying minimal indoor space compared to bulky reinforced concrete columns. This efficient use of space is a significant reason why steel shed constructions are highly favoured.


Steel kitset sheds possess exceptional strength, plasticity, and toughness. This flexibility allows steel components to be shaped as needed, meeting diverse customer requirements. Moreover, steel sheds can be constructed swiftly, reducing overall investment costs. The prefabrication of steel components streamlines on-site construction, making the process more efficient.

Corrosion Resistance

Steel sheds are typically treated to resist corrosion, ensuring that they maintain their structural integrity over time, even in humid or coastal environments.

Low Maintenance

These sheds require minimal maintenance compared to sheds made from other materials. They do not rot, warp, or require frequent painting which reduces long-term maintenance costs and efforts.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel structures are environmentally friendly materials, easy to install, and have minimal impact during construction and demolition. They promote recycling and reuse, reducing material wastage and conserving resources. Metal buildings enable dry-type construction, offering versatility for various industries. This eco-friendly approach ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, making steel shed buildings a sustainable choice.

Build A Steel Shed with Sheds And Barns

At Sheds And Barns, we don't just construct sheds; we craft solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations. We are your trusted partners in constructing superior steel sheds in Canterbury.

  • Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in shed construction.
  • We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of your shed.
  • We pride ourselves on completing projects within stipulated timelines, ensuring your shed is ready for use when you need it.
  • We offer a range of customisation options in terms of size and layout, doors and windows, and roofing styles to enhance the visual allure of your steel buildings.

Experience the difference of working with reliable contractors. We follow good practice guidelines for safety, especially when working at heights. Contact us today and let's start building your perfect steel shed together.

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